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"Real-life superhero" Phoenix Jones facing assault charge

Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle, a "real-life superhero" who patrols the streets of Seattle and claims to thwart evil doers, is now facing an assault charge.

According to ABC News, Jones, whose real name is Benjamin Francis, was arrested early Sunday night "while still wearing his black and gold superhero costume, a bullet-proof vest and carrying two cans of pepper spray." Seattle police say Jones sprayed pepper spray on people who he thought were fighting. Police say the four people were "dancing and having a good time."

"In this particular case, he perceived that this group was fighting and when we contacted them, they said they weren't fighting," Mark Jamieson, a Seattle Police Department public information officer, told ABC News. "Unfortunately, he used force. He committed a crime, an assault against these individuals. That's against the law."

"He saw two white males fighting, but could not explain why four people, including women, had been sprayed," the police report said.

Jones is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

This isn't the first time Jones has been in the news.

In January, Jones was credited with breaking up a carjacking in Lynnwood, Washington, KIRO TV reported. But just a few days after that apparent success, Jones had his nose broken in a street fight, according to KOMO.

On his Facebook page, Jones says he symbolizes "that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.” Jones is actually part of a Real Life Superhero movement, whose activities range from handing homeless people water bottles to actually trying to stop violent crime.


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