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Onion spoof of Jobs' death: Hit or miss? (VIDEO)


Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, died on Oct. 5, 2011.


Justin Sullivan

Less than a week after the death of Apple genius Steve Jobs, The Onion has released a Breaking News video announcing the creation of the “Steve Jobs 2.”

The 42-second video serves as a teaser to the full broadcast to run on The Onion’s TV Show Tuesday, Oct. 11, on IFC.

But is the parody, announcing “a new version of recently deceased owner Steve Jobs,” a funny homage to the technology icon or too soon after his death?

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Similar to Apple products often re-released by the company, the video lists the improvements to the latest Steve Jobs, including “curly hair, upgraded design sense, and a white turtle neck.”

“The Steve Jobs 2 will also fix some of the original’s problems, such as always wearing ‘Dad Jeans,’” the video says of the revolutionary new Steve Jobs.

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By the end of the quick clip The Onion includes that leading competitor, Microsoft, will respond to the latest Steve Jobs with the Bill Gates XE.

The Onion, along with every media outlet, covered Jobs’ death immediately with a reaction from President Barack Obama. The playful article credited Jobs as one of the last Americans who knew what they were doing, except with more explicit terminology.

Take a look at the Onion’s latest Jobs video and decide if the laughs are needed at this time or if it is too soon.

Apple Announces Plans To Release Steve Jobs 2 (Full coverage Tues 10/9c only on IFC)

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