The Occupy Wall Street movement is entering its fourth week and showing no signs of slowing down. What began as a loosely organized protest against corporate greed and the growing gap between rich and poor Americans has increased dramatically in terms of supporters, media coverage, and online discussions. Thousands of people have turned out for protests in lower Manhattan, and in dozens of other places across the country, including Boston, Miami, and the District of Columbia. Many media outlets have declared the leaderless Occupy movement to be the left's answer to the Tea Party movement, and others have likened it to the Arab Spring. Celeste Headlee is spending the morning  touring the Occupy Wall Street camp at Zucotti Park with  protester  Frank Williams. Celeste also speaks with Brandon Hunt, who has been camping out at Zucotti Park for the last two weeks, and Comrade Shahid, who joins the protesters before and after he goes to work.

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