Teenager's death in Bahrain sparks biggest protest in months


Yemeni anti-government protesters wave Bahraini flags to show their support to the Bahraini anti-regime movement. The death of a teenage boy after a protest on Thursday has led to bigger protests in the capital city of Manama.


Gamal Noman

Protests and clashes with police escalated in Bahrain's capital of Manama on Friday, following the funeral of a teenage boy who activists say was hit by a stray police bullet during an earlier protest, reports the New York Times.

Thousands of people gathered for the funeral, reported the Guardian.

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Bahrain's interior ministry has launched an investigation into the death of Ahmad Jaber Al Qattan, 16, according to the Gulf News. The medical examiner's report for the public prosecution states the boy was killed by a birdshot, or stray bullet, while the Bahrain International Hospital said the cause of death was heart failure, reports the Gulf News. Police allegedly said they only used tear gas to disperse the crowd that day, according to the Guardian.

CNN reports that the Bahrain Center for Human Rights said the boy died during a demonstration in Manama on Thursday.

At least 34 people have died since demonstrations led by Bahrain's Shi'ite majority began seeking greater rights from the Sunni monarchy in February, according to Amnesty International.

The clashes followed a week in which the government of the island kingdom sought to take a softer approach to punishments for anti-government protestors, according to The National.

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