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Steve Jobs tribute makes a cyber celebrity out of Hong Kong teen


The tribute to Steve Jobs by Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak, which became an internet hit.

A tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs has turned a Hong Kong student into an internet sensation.

Jonathan Mak, 19, a student at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University School of Design, came up with the idea of Steve Jobs' silhouette into the bite of the Apple logo, "symbolizing both Jobs' departure and lingering presence at the core of the company." Reuters reports.

The design spread like wildfire in cyberspace, drawing hundreds of thousands of posts, and even commemorative caps and T-shirts peddled on eBay featuring his design.

The logo was even used as the twitter profile picture for Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher.

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Mak, who described being "both excited and terrified" by the interest in his design, said he had received a job offer because of the design.