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Indonesian ATM bomb targets "corporate" interests


A threatening note calling for "social rebellion," captured by Indonesian outlet Kompas, was found outside a firebombed ATM in the city of Yogyakarta.



Cops have arrested a person alleged to have firebombed an ATM in a bid to sow "social rebellion," according to the Indonesian press

Apparently, the bomber wasn't interested in the ATM's cash. Instead, he left a note that said, "Corporate country, police and military are the true terrorists. Social rebellion will continue because the sun is still shining," according to the Jakarta Globe.

An image of the note captured by media outlet Kompas also depicts a kitschy 1950s-era image of a man holding a lit match.

According to Kompas, the note also said: "There will never be peace between them, the haves. Attacks against financial centers: ATMs, banks, corporate buildings are important targets because they are some of the collaborators in causing suffering on the face of the earth."

The attack took place in the city of Yogykarta on the city's 252nd anniversary.