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Piracy: Indian Ocean plagued by Somali pirates (VIDEO)


A Somali, part armed militia, part pirate, carries his high-caliber weapon on a beach in the central Somali town of Hobyo on Aug. 20, 2010.


Roberto Schmidt

What's it like to be on a ship seized by pirates? Watch this video just put out by SaveOurSeafarers, which dramatically shows the trauma of a Somali pirate attack in the Indian Ocean. It also shows the economic cost. 

"Seafarers have been constantly under threat from Somali pirates for the last five years, with at times more than 800 innocent seafarers being held hostage. Piracy costs the global economy as much as $18 billion a year and continues to threaten key transport routes through the Indian Ocean," said Bill Box from SaveOurSeafarers.

“The aim of our video is to take the campaign message to a wider audience and to gain support outside as well as inside the maritime industry calling for more determined government action against Somali piracy,” said Box.