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Global Weather: Asia Pummeled By Repeat Storms


Global Weather - Asia hit by repeat storms: Heavy rain falls over the city of Bangkok at sunset during the monsoon season. Sept. 18, 2011.


Nicolas Asfouri

What does Asia look like when it's under water?

It's not pretty.

Over the last four months, intensified monsoon rains and prolonged flooding, as well as a few typhoons and other storms have left more than 600 people dead or missing in Southeast Asia, China, Japan and South Asia, according to news reports.

In Thailand alone, at least 237 people have died from the worst flooding in decades. Three-quarters of the country has been hit by floods which have affected 2.6 million people.

Several studies suggest an intensification of the Asian summer monsoons is due to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, though some have also blamed poor water management in places like Thailand, where many say the dams are deficient.