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Spain's Duchess of Alba remarries at 85


Duchess of Alba, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James-Stuart dances with son Cayetano Martinez de Irujo during her wedding ceremony to Alfonso Diez Carabantes held at Duenas Palace on October 5, 2011 in Seville, Spain.


José Manuel Vidal - Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Alba, the 85-year-old Spanish duchess, married a 60-year-old civil servant in Seville on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports.

Alfonso Diez at Palacio de las Duenas, who works for Spain's social security administration, is the duchess' third husband. On Wednesday, the Duchess of Alba waved and danced for the crowd gathered outside her 15th-century residence in Seville. From the AP:

Diez stood close by in a dark suit, smiling and holding an outstretched arm at the ready, as if to catch his bride if she stumbled. The duchess hiked up her dress as she performed a few whirling steps of Spain's quintessential art form in the city perhaps best known for it.

The duchess, whose full name is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, gave parts of her vast estate to her children and grandchildren in July, the AP reports, to try and smooth over their opposition to the engagement.

The Guardian reports that the duchess owns land and castles all over Spain, as well as an art collection that includes work by Goya and Velázquez.

According to The Guardian, one onlooker at the event came disguised as King Juan Carlos, while another wore a bridal gown. Among those allowed in to the wedding itself were "[a] neatly groomed priest, a flamenco singing troupe, innumerable bunches of roses, sunflowers and carnations, and at least two bullfighter guests." The AP reports that only a few dozen wedding were invited to the wedding. 

AFP reports that the duchess' first wedding, in 1947, had 1,000 guests, and the then 21-year-old bride wore gems worth $1.5 million.

Estimates of the duchess' wealth range between $800 million and $4.7 billion.