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India: Vampire Club vs. the Wedding Busters

You thought Bridezilla was bad?  What if you had to duel the Wedding Busters and the Vampire Club to get hitched?

That's just what's going on in Kaipamangalam, a village of about 50,000 people near Thrissur in Kerala, according to the Times of India.  

An anonymous gang of pranksters has been scuttling arranged marriages by spreading rumors, the paper said, and now finally local youngsters have had enough. Driving through town, you'll now see billboards warning against the lies spread by the Wedding Busters, who told one girl's parents that her perspective groom was a drunk and another family seeking to marry off their son that the perspective bride had a sexually transmitted disease.

The pranksters apparently make no money out of it. "They spend from their pockets to do this," says K R Rameez, member of Vampire Club, an association of youngsters who have put up a huge flex board at the village junction warning against the gang. The second part of the message is a warning to the mischief makers: Let you scoundrels who stall weddings be told that citizens have lost their patience. Neither your age nor social status will prevent you from getting bashed up. If that is harsh, the disclaimer is hilarious: If your conscience feels that this message is addressed to you, well, this is. 

Attention Bollywood: the film rights are still available.  (It's Twilight meets Vivah)