China loves #occupywallstreet


"Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators occupy a park near Wall Street in New York, October 3, 2011.



We already know that the North Korean regime is all giddy over the "Occupy Wall Street" protests.

Now some Chinese pundits are showing sympathy for the protesters as well.

The state-owned China Daily's English edition carried an editorial titled "U.S. Media Blackout of Protest is Shameful," which alleges that corporate media refuses to acknowledge the scope and scale of the demonstrations.

A New York-based China Daily editor writes: "Why have those journalists, who made their names covering various protests around the world, suddenly become silent in reporting the mass rally? That clearly does not match their enthusiasm to cover demonstrations in recent months in places such as North Africa and the Middle East."

"I am not sure if they are all left-leaning," the China Daily piece said, "but a schedule I saw did include sessions on the Communist Manifesto and Spanish Revolution."

But this condemnation of media neglect is nothing compared to headlines appearing in Chinese-language media.

A Beijing-based writer for The New Yorker points to articles proclaiming "Long Live the Great Wall Street Revolution!" and another dubbing protesting American youth the "occupy generation."

A published letter of solidarity, signed by Chinese intellectuals and activists, offers this warning to the world's capitalists:

"The eruption of the “Wall Street Revolution” is an historical indicator that the popular democratic revolution that will soon sweep the world is set to begin."