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India tops survey on unprotected sex (We finally won something!)


We're number one? India came out on top in a recent international survey -- with 72% of young people saying they'd had unprotected sex. That's not the message this Indian street group meant to communicate during an educational street play on the outskirts of Bangalore in 2008.



We're number one!

India may not win many gold medals.  It may not be so hot on Transparency International's list of corrupt countries or developmental indicators like maternal mortality, either. But in at least one regard it has come out on top, thanks in no small part to conservative opposition to sex education and the abysmal status of women.  Yep, India is the best at unprotected sex, according to a recent survey conducted by a group of international NGOs.

72 percent of young Indians have had unprotected sex -- followed most closely by China's 50 percent (finally, we beat them at something).  

Meanwhile, at least 40 percent of the youth polled in India say they had problems accessing contraceptives when they needed, while 36 percent said they knew a close friend/ family member who has had an unplanned pregnancy, the Times of India reports.  Not surprisingly, considering that government schools and most private schools don't teach sex education, nearly a one-third got wrong information about contraception from friends, according to the paper.

In case you're thinking that's because most Indians are poor and half are illiterate, think again.

When it comes to, um, social networking(?) and other signs of modernity, India's young people are totally cutting edge, according to a report by India Today.

Police arrested 14 people, including some school students, over the weekend for allegedly making a cell phone porn film of a teenage girl in the (otherwise) provincial town of Hazaribagh, the magazine said.

According to police officer Binod Kumar Singh the perps, which include some high school students, allegedly filmed the sex tape "at the residence of Vikas Kumar Singh and his friend Ajit Singh a few days ago with the latter's 17-year-old girl friend."

The room was fitted with six cameras and an employee of a cyber cafe helped to circulate the porn film, the magazine quotes police as saying.