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India's most wanted: Happy and healthy in Pakistan


Activists of the All India Muslim Youth Solidarity committee hold placards and shout slogans as they take part in a protest to demand the release of Indian prisoners from Pakistan jails, in New Delhi, 01 September 2005.

Osama bin Laden may be dead, and the rest of Al Qaeda on the run. But when it comes to India's enemies in Pakistan, well, they don't even need to hide out.

Occasionally sighted attending cricket matches and other public events in and around Karachi, one-time Mumbai crime boss Dawood Ibrahim is happy, healthy and living an unfettered life in Karachi, even if authorities in Islamabad refuse to accept it, according to his brother and an "associate."

The gangster's closest aides -- Chhota Shakeel and brother Anees Ibrahim -- told India's Headlines Today TV channel that Ibrahim is not in hiding, whatever Islamabad may say.  In fact, recently he hosted his son Moin Ibrahim's grand wedding.

Headlines TV excerpts the story on its web site:

For the son of a man in hiding, the wedding between Moin and Saniya was a rather grand affair. It was held at the don's palatial bungalow, aptly nicknamed the White House in Karachi's posh Clifton area.

The guest list included the who's who of Pakistan's elite, including some senior members of its spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Sharpshooter Shakeel, who has been busy with the wedding preparations himself, gave some details about the marriage.

The alleged head of the notorious Mumbai-based D-Company crime syndicate, Ibrahim was declared a "global terrorist" by the U.S. in 2003 for his alleged role in planning and financing a series of bombings in Mumbai in 1993.