Toronto Subway Train (Photo: Steve Harris/Flickr)

We're looking for a fast growing African city that's about to get a new railway — this city is in Nigeria, and it's considered one of the world's mega-cities. As this resident can tell you, rush hour can be a nightmare there. "As you can imagine traffic is chaotic, lots of congestion on the roads, it takes sometimes hours to traverse the city and get to destinations, and this is the reason why the government has decided to upgrade the transportation infrastructure to ease the congestion and chaos on the streets." That's where that new railway comes in. To save money, engineers are buying hundreds of used subway cars from Toronto, Canada and refitting them to run above ground in Nigeria. So which Nigerian city is getting its train cars from Ontario? The answer is Lagos, Nigeria. Danladi Verheijen director of the Nigerian company Eko Rail tell anchor Marco Werman about the international transportation project.

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