Film retells story of 1984 Le Penca bombing

A film about a 1984 suitcase bombing at a jungle news conference in Nicaragua is gaining international acclaim.

"Last Chapter: Goodbye Nicaragua" retells the story of the Le Penca bombing, where four rebels and three journalists were killed and 21 people injured.

The filmmaker, Peter Torbiornsson, was a victim of the bombing and the documentary is his attempt to come to peace with what happened.

It won the Giraldillo de Oro prize for best European documentary at the Seville Film Festival in 2010 and was just awarded the grand prize for documentaries at the Nordisk Panorama 2011 Film Festival in Denmark.

Says the Tico Times about the film:

The film packs an emotional punch. It is gut-wrenchingly sad, brilliantly shot and dramatically edited. It is essential viewing for anyone interested in the region’s politics and its brutal past. 

“Last Chapter: Goodbye Nicaragua” is also a haunting exploration of the twisted world of Sandinista spycraft, a revolution that has turned putrid, and the suffocating guilt that has consumed Torbiörnsson for most of his life.

Watch the trailer above.

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