Typhoon Nesat hits Philippines

Sixteen people have been killed and four fishermen are missing as Typhoon Nesat moved over the Philippines. Residents of Manila were forced to wade through the flood waters and had to dodge flying debris, reports Fox News.

Monsoon rains had already soaked Manila, even before the typhoon hit the country with gusts of up to 93 mph. Most deaths have occurred in Manila.

Hundreds were stranded in urban areas, while Manila's US embassy and the five star hotels were flooded.

According to Gulf News, electric posts fell due to the storm and caused power outages across the country. Strong winds uprooted older trees.

Benito Ramos of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said that a total of 13,629 families were affected across the country. Fox News reports that waves as tall as palm trees were seen crashing over sea walls.

Reports the Manila Sun Star:

Pounding rains obscured the view of anyone on the streets as soldiers and police scrambled to safely evacuate thousands of people in low-lying areas, where rivers and the sea spilled into shanties, hospitals, swanky hotels and even the seaside United States Embassy compound.