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Teacher punished for voodoo

A special needs teacher has been banned from the classroom after a using violence and “voodoo” against students.

Roslyn Holloway, who taught in Telford, UK, threatened to put a “voodoo curse” on a special needs pupil, and said she would use a bizarre ritual to drown the student if he didn’t keep quiet in class.

Ms Holloway was also found to have torn the hair from the skull of another student who was talking, struck a student on the head with her hand in the school corridor and called him an “idiot”, talked about sexual issues with another student, and racially taunted black students calling them "black boy", "Pepsi Max" and "ginge" during class.

According to a report in the Telegraph, the 49 year-old teacher would discuss such off-limits topics as black magic, voodoo and torturing toy dolls.

Parents complained to the school that such conversations left their children “distressed.”

She was counseled by the school on her bizarre methods but she failed to alter her behavior.

Yesterday the region’s Professional Conduct Committee, found her guilty of six counts of "unacceptable professional conduct" and banned her from the classroom.

According to the Telegraph, the committee was told that during one class, Holloway pulled out a student's hair, wrapped it around the leg of a key ring voodoo doll and told him that if she dropped it his leg would hurt.

She also said, in front of his follow classmates, that if she put the doll in water he would drown.

The teacher admitted the allegations and was struck off for at least four years.