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Jehovah's Witnesses investigated by police

The Watchtower, the magazine for Jehovah's Witnesses, is under investigation by British police, after complaints that it is in breach of religious hatred laws.

The magazine – distributed around the world - described those who leave the church as “mentally diseased.”

According to the Telegraph, the article being investigated by detectives reportedly warned followers to avoid "false teachers" which it condemned as being "mentally diseased".

"Suppose that a doctor told you to avoid contact with someone who is infected with a contagious, deadly disease," part of the article stated.

"You would know what the doctor means, and you would strictly heed his warning. Well, apostates are 'mentally diseased', and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings."

Former Jehovah's Witnesses made the complaint to their local police who are investigating the allegations.

Angus Robertson, a former Witness "elder" told The Independent: "The way scripture is being used to bully people must be challenged.

“If a religion was preaching that blacks or gays were mentally diseased there would understandable outrage."

The Jehovah's Witnesses defended the passage saying ostracisation from the organization was "a personal matter for each individual to decide for himself".