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Houston cops accused of eating suspect's pots brownies


A clasp with a marijuana leaf and a gold skull are on display at the Museum of Drugs of Mexico City, on December 3, 2008.



A suspect has accused two Houston police officers of eating his pot brownies.

ABC 13 reports that the accuser's claims were backed up with something undeniable- the officer's words.

Nicholas Hill was at his Atascocita apartment with his friends one night in may, when the cops showed up. Someone had reported the smell of drugs coming from the apartment. While searching the apartment, the three officers came across the pot brownies.

The cops decided to eat them. Then they went back down to their patrol car, and began typing on their in-car computers.

"So H I G H…. good muchies" one wrote.
"Everything should be open when we get done" replied the other.
"Two hours, max" said the first.
"Probably but this will take the whole shift" responded the other.

Hill's attorneys began investigating his claims. "If they are actually true, then what we're talking about is destruction of evidence. That's a felony. We're talking about official misconduct. We're potentially talking about police officers driving around the city of Houston high on drugs, conducting official police business while high on drugs. It's a pretty big deal" Cahill said.