Typhoon Nesat makes landfall in Philippines

Typhoon Nesat has slammed into the shores of the eastern Philippines before dawn on Tuesday over the mountainous provinces of Isabela and Aurora, reports the AP.

More than 100,000 people were ordered by authorities to seek shelter from the heavy rains and gusts which were expected reach 106 miles per hour, reports MSNBC.

The storm is packing winds of 87 mph, and has a 400 mile cloud band. Schools, and Universities have been ordered to be shut down. Flights have been grounded and inter-island ferries are not currently running. Hundreds of travelers have been stranded.

The storm system is expected to cross over into Luzon Island, which is north of Manilla.

Two years ago 500 people died due to flooding in Manilla. It was the worst flooding seen in decades.

Nesat is the 16th weather disturbance to disrupt the Philippines this year. The southeast nation gets ravaged by about 20 storms.

The storm is expected to move to southern China, reports the Wall Street Journal online.