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Mexican journalist decapitated for posts on social networking site (VIDEO)

A female Mexican journalist was found decapitated alongside a sign saying she was killed for her postings on a social networking site.

The networking site, Nuevo Laredo en Vivo, has a section for reporting the location of drug gang lookouts and sales points, which possibly angered the Zetas cartel.

The death of Marisol Macias Castaneda, 39, a newsroom manager for the Primera Hora newspaper in the Mexican border city of Nuevo LaredoIt, may be the third case so far this month of drug cartels killing people for what they said on the internet, the AP reports.

And according to CNN, earlier this month threats mentioning two websites were added to signs beside mutilated bodies in northern Mexico.

A woman was hogtied and disemboweled. Attackers left her topless, dangling by her feet and hands from a bridge in the border city of Nuevo Laredo.

A bloodied man next to her was hanging by his hands, his right shoulder severed so deeply the bone was visible.

Signs left near the bodies declared the pair, both apparently in their 20s, were killed for posting denouncements of drug cartel activities.

Cartels have recently upped the ante in the Mexican drug war.

Last week, on the eve of a meeting of Mexico´s top prosecutors and judicial officials in Veracruz state, masked gunmen blocked traffic a busy avenue in the Mexican coastal city of Boca del Rio and dumped the bodies of 35 murder victims in front of motorists.

The bodies were left piled in two trucks and on the ground of an underpass, the Guardian reports.

The Gulf and Zetas drug cartels are reportedly locked in a bloody battle for control of Veracruz.