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Rare crocodile found in Florida


Villagers display the 21-foot saltwater crocodile caught in the town of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur province on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.



After finding a crocodile in her St Petersburg, Florida backyard, Shondra Farner called to report it. But when she called wildlife authorities about her rare find, they didn't believe her, reports The Christian Science Monitor.  

"He said, 'No ma'am you have an alligator,' and I said, 'No, I know the difference.'" It took her some time, but she eventually convinced the official that the animal lurking in her backyard was indeed a croc.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission couldn't kill the animal- rare crocodiles are considered endangered. Thus, they set out to trap the animal with cages and beef loins.

Officials will release the animal into Tampa Bay. According to Yahoo, they can implant a magnet to disorient the animal and prevent it from returning to the neighborhood.

Farner, who lives in a gated community, was incredibly surprised by the sight of the animal.

"That big boy was just about 8 feet from our patio. It's terribly scary looking. And fast. When he turned to leave, I couldn't believe how quick he was" she said.

Farner had recently traveled to Costa Rica, and seen crocodiles there. She immediately recognized the triangular snout.

The last crocodile seen in the area was in 2008, and authorities speculate that this might be the same one. There has never been a documented crocodile bite in Florida, although people are occasionally bitten by alligators.