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Coca Cola introduces new bottles

Repackaging has become a large part of Coca Cola's marketing strategy. The Atlanta based soft drink company will launch 12.5 ounce bottles, sold at 89 cents each.

The trend comes as Americans, who enjoyed some of the company's wilder options - black cherry coke, vanilla coke - have started calorie counting. The new line of bottles will be sold along with the 16 ounce bottles sold for 99 cent that Coca Cola introduced last year, reports the WSJ.

The idea behind the new product, explains WSJ, is that Coke wants to boost revenue and profits in the U.S. while scaling back on volume per transaction.  Moreover, the new bottle size will allow it to cut back costs on high-fructose corn syrup and plastic. The tricky thing is, that while the smaller package is definitely the cheapest Coke option- consumers are actually paying more per ounce; and Coke is raising prices on their larger bottles for the consumers who can afford it.  

The strategy is not Coca Cola's alone.  Other companies, such as the Kimberly-Clark Corp. have lowered the amount of product in their packages, while introducing a premium line of the same product.  

Coca Cola has also announced the launch of their new PlantBottle this week. The bottle, is made from 22.5 percent renewable plant-based material and 25 percent recycled plastic.  

The bottle was revealed during the UN climate change summit in Copehagen. It has been growing in distribution and popularity since. Coca cola currently produces about 5 billion Plantbottle packs in twenty countries.

The bottle is entirely recyclable. According to IBTimes, currently, the world drinks about 1.5 billion coke products a day. Though a release date for the United States has yet to be revealed, the bottles will sell all throughout Europe.