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Lao farmer caught on flight with TNT


A stick of dynamite seized by authorities in Colombia.



Somewhere in Paris, an airport security team is seriously screwed.

Security screeners at Charles de Gaulle Airport somehow failed to notice that passenger en route to Vietnam stashed 500 grams of TNT in his luggage along with a hunting rifle and a trove of bullets, according to Agence France Presse.

The passenger was apparently a Lao farmer who meant no harm, according to German media outlet DPA. He claims to have purchased the rifle in France to hunt animals back in Laos -- not people -- and planned to make his own bullets with the TNT.

"He has no bad intention," a Lao official told DPA.

The farmer had wrapped up a visit to his kids in France, the former colonial power in Laos, and was nabbed by security officials while transiting through Vietnam.

TNT can be used to make homemade bullets, as well as pipe bombs and other deadly weapons. The amount toted by the farmer would be enough to potentially down an aircraft, according to an Israeli maker of "blast inhibitor" pitched to airlines.