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Elderly Oregon couple go viral with Web Cam 101 for Seniors (VIDEO)


From the YouTube hit "Web Cam for Seniors 101..."

Elderly Oregon couple Bruce and Esther Huffman have unintentionally scored a hit on YouTube, featuring in an accidental recording of themselves titled Web Cam 101 for Seniors.

The couple were trying to figure out how to take a photo using their laptop in August, not realizing they were actually recording themselves.

Their granddaughter found the couple's endearing attempts to use technology and posted it online.

The video has attracted more than 3 million views since it was posted to YouTube in August.

In between yawns and burps, Bruce, 86, is seen making monkey faces, despairing of his and Esther's wrinkles and singing "Hello, My Baby," sung by Michigan J. Frog from the Looney Tunes short "One Froggy Evening."

He also flirts with his wife, 79, and compliments her hair:

"See how pretty your hair is? Did you notice that? How pretty your hair is?"

Then he drops the "oh no he didn't" comment: "Just drop your dress a little bit and see your boobies."

Meanwhile, Esther becomes becomes more and more frustrated with the computer.

Bruce later encourages his wife: "Whatever you do you'll do fine, you'll learn ... it'll take time."

Esther has since told The Huffington Post:

"I did not know anything about YouTube, but apparently it is spreading like wildfire. We certainly didn't plan it, but there is so much bad news out there, we are glad we could put something fun out there. We like to have a good time and if it makes people laugh, that's OK."

Bruce and Esther have also made numerous television appearances, including on CBS News, ABC News (which refers to the couple as "the Internet's newest viral video superstars") and Fox & Friends.

On a more serious note, Esther — Bruce's wife of seven years — told The Oregonian.

"I was frustrated my husband wasn't being serious. I was trying to show him how to do it and he was just goofing off."