Dengue fever outbreak in Pakistan now an epidemic

The dengue fever outbreak in Pakistan has officially become an epidemic, reports the International News Network. At least 28 people have died of the disease, and over 5,000 people have been infected. Medical supplies in the region are running out.

Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted to humans through the bite of a mosquito carrying the virus. Characteristics of the disease include fever, severe headache, muscular and joint pains, and rash. The disease is non-fatal, reports Pakistani newspaper the Nation

Poor hygiene is the most common cause for the spread of the disease, but heavy rainfall is providing a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

The mega platelets used in the blood transfusion of dengue fever patients is no longer available at any of the public hospital in Lahore, the city most affected by the disease. The number of deaths is expected to go up if the situation is not remedied, reports the International News Network.

The 32 jails in Punjab have been sprayed and fumigated against dengue fever, asked to advance medicine if a prisoner should be

According to a story by the Associated Press of Pakistan, there was no need to panic, because dengue fever is a completely curable disease, however as it is not endemic to Pakistan, raising awareness about the disease continues to be one or the largest challenges.

Pakistan is already grappling with flash flooding in the Punjab region, as well as major floods and heavy rains in other parts of the country.

Al Jazeera reports: