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Delhi blast update: Emails identified as hoaxes

The flurry of emails claiming credit for last Wednesday's bomb blast at the Delhi High Court appear to have come to nothing -- apart from a colossal waste of resources.

According to the BBC, police in Gujarat have arrested a man for sending an email in the name of the Indian Mujahideen claiming responsibilty for the blast, while another email claiming credit for Harkat-ul Jihad al-Islami (Huji) also appears to have been a hoax -- though it's not official yet

Except for two men still being questioned in Kishtwar town, no one is in detention in Jammu and Kashmir for last week's Delhi High Court blast, India's Economic Times newspaper quoted police sources in Kashmir as saying Tuesday.

Manu Oza, a computer operator, was held in the state capital, Ahmedabad, for sending the fake email, the BBC quoted police as saying.

Thirteen people died and 76 others injured in the blast on the high court.