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Ohio man unearths explosives in backyard


Fireworks explode in Richmond, Virginia.


Patrick Smith

Adrian Ayers had no idea that he would make an explosive discovery when he tried burying his pet. While digging, the 37 year old found a box of ammunition, and TNT buried in his back yard in Blanchester, Ohio.

Ayers reported it immediately to local law enforcement, claiming that a C-4 explosives were in his back yard. A bomb squad was called in from 30 miles away in Cincinatti.

Authorities asked everyone within two blocks of his original find to voluntarily evacuate. Then, they transferred the material to Hamilton County, where according to Blanchester Police Chief, Scott Reinbold, it will be rendered safe, reports the Wilmington News Journal.  

Authorities have yet to comment on where the explosives came from, or what they were doing in Ayers' backyard.