Somali gunmen kidnap British woman

A boat of Somali gunmen have kidnapped a British woman and killed her husband before returning to Somalia, the New York Times reports.

Initially, American officials believed the attack to be connected with the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, and thought the gunmen were militants targeting American tourists. While still uncertain about the motive of the attack, the theory has since been dismissed, reports the New York Times.

The attack took place at the Kiwayu Safari Village, a beachside resort south of the border that Kenya shares with Somalia. The resort is one of the most elite vacation destination in Kenya, popular with celebrities such as Mick Jagger and Prince William, and the couple were the resort's only guests, reports the Associated Press.

Western diplomats say that the gunmen attacked during the darkness of night. They headed towards Ras Kamboni, Somalia, after dragging the wife along with them. How the man was killed remains unknown, although some speculate he resisted when the Somalis asked them for their valuables, reports the Guardian.

Ndegwa Muhoro, director of the country's criminal investigation department, said that they have heard nothing from the kidnappers.

"We believe it is a kidnap but we are yet to receive any communication from the alleged kidnappers, over 11 hours after they took her with them," he said, reports the Guardian.

The government has sent anti-terror agents to the region that the resort is located for a rescue mission.

This is not the first kidnapping case by Somalis in Kenya. According to the New York Times, several westerners have been kidnapped by somali gunmen in recent years, and most have been released by ransom.  

In November 2009, two western nuns were kidnapped, and three aid workers were kidnapped in the July 2009.