Castro: Not dead yet


He's still here: Fidel Castro makes a point.


Adalberto Roque

Fidel Castro, one of the most controversial people alive, is, well still alive

The 85-year-old former leader of Cuba has shied away from the media spotlight since he stepped down in 2006 to make way for his brother, Raul.

There have long been rumors about Castro's health, even before he reached old-age. The CIA even tried to kill him an estimated 638 times, with wacky plots like exploding mollusks and toxic cigars. 

Castro has survived it all. 

But then rumors surfaced once again that he was near death, or had had a stroke.

This week, pictures of him appeared on a website. The images were taken as the former leader gave an interview to a Venezuelan journalist, though it's unclear when that will air. Cuba and Venezuela have close ties, especially these days.

Castro Cuban parliament chief Ricardo Alarcon said that Castro “is well and enjoying good health." He added, "Fidel himself said it a while ago: The day he dies nobody will believe it because they have killed him so many times."