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Meet China's top 10 billionaires


A Chinese bank worker counts a stack of 100-yuan notes at a bank in Hefei, east China's Anhui province on February 27, 2011.



To get rich is glorious, Deng Xiaoping famously said.

Filthy, stinking, China-rich is the part he must have left off. 

That's the big takeaway from the latest check-up of the country's top billionaires, which comes courtesy of the Huran Research Institute.

Huran has been compiling a list of China's richest for the past 13 years.

This year, despite the global economic slowdown and some difficulties in China, Huran counted 271 billionaires in the country. That's up from 189 last year, and more than double the number in 2009.

Here's a quick rundown of the top 10 richest in China:

1) Liang Wen’gen, founder of heavy machinery company Sany, is worth $11 billion

2) "Drinks King" Zong Qinghou and family are worth $10.7 billion

3) Li Yanhong, founder of search engine Baidu, comes in at $8.8 billion

4) Yan Bin, of property investments firm Ruoy Chai, is worth $7.8 billion

5) Property developer Xu Jiayin has $7.2 billion

6) Wang Jianlin, another property developer, is worth $7.1 billion

7) Yet another property developer, Wu Yajun & family, have $6.6 billion

8) Liu Yongxing & family, who control the East Hope aluminum and feed company, come in at $6.4 billion

9) He Xiangjian & family, of home appliance maker Midea, own $6.3 billion

10) Yang Huiyan & family, of property development firm Country Garden, are worth $5.6 billion

Want some other fun facts about China's billionaires, according to Hurun?

  • Beijing is home to 111 billionaires
  • Shenzen has 83
  • Shanghai is home to 80
  • One third of China's top 50 billionaires hold senior government advisory roles
  • The average was born in 1960, making him 51 years old today
  • He left his government job at 33, and invested into what today is his main business at 37
  • It took 10 years to list his company and last year he started to cash out, Huran reports