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Gaddafi's penpal tells all


Who else does Gaddafi write to?


Patrick Kovarik

Even as rebel forces battled their way towards Tripoli, Muammar al-Gaddafi still had time to write to his old friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez announced that Gaddafi had written him a letter last month, asking for moral support as his regime was under seige.

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Chavez said that he encouraged his longtime friend to fight on.

According to Bloomberg, Chavez recounted the exchange in a phone interview with state television, and added:

“Nobody knows where Qaddafi is. I’m sure that he’s very far from thinking about leaving Libya. He’ll resist with what power he has left.”

Chavez has done everything he can for Gaddafi, backing him on state television, railling against the rebel fighters, and being his penpal.

The Venezuelan leader even offered to help negotiate a truce back in March. The rebels turned him down.

But he hasn't offered to let Gaddafi come stay with him.

Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, Algeria and Niger have all said that he would be welcome. Even Zimbabwe offered to roll out the red carpet

Why not Venezuela? Chavez dodged the question by saying that surrender isn't an option: "What we have to do is win or die."