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Over five hundred Filipinos in Syria want to leave


While 562 Filipinos have requested expatriation as the situation in the country grows increasingly dangerous, it is believed that around 17,000 Filipinos work in Syria.



Fearing the increasingly dangerous situation, 562 Filipinos, who make up a large part of Syria’s foreign work force, have requested expatriation.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) today said that a total of 562 Filipinos in Syria have signified their intention to be repatriated to the Philippines,” the Philstar writes.

"The DFA revealed the number of possible Filipino repatriates as it announced additional measures that will be implemented to make sure that all Filipinos will remain safe in the strife-torn country.

The DFA also renewed its call to all Filipinos, numbering to about 17,000, to avail of the repatriation offer of the government.

"Filipinos in Syria are enjoined to go home, and if they so decide, government will provide all necessary assistance," the DFA said.

The additional measures include the forming of Task Group on Voluntary Repatriation-Syria and the deployment of a 10-member rapid response team (RRT) for Syria. the team is composed of official from the DFA, the Department of Labor and Employment, the Department of National Defense and the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

The DFA said that the RRT will fly to Syria on September 6.”