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Free tickets for virgins at Chinese park


A nature park in China is offering free tickets and prizes to virgins older than 22 who come to admire flowers that are equally "simple and pure." The tea olive, seen here, is the highlight of the park's upcoming flower festival.

A nature park in China's Hunan province is offering free admission and prizes to virgin females aged 22 or older, according to the state-run Global Times.

The park, you see, is displaying flowers that are "pure and simple."

Just like a woman who is born before Sept. 17, 1989 and has never had sex. (Those are the rules, so says the Shanghai Daily in an article reprinted by the Shanhaiist blog.)

The Zhoulou Scenic Resort boasts waterfall views and lovely, fragrant flowers. The genus seen here, a tea olive flower, is the highlight of an upcoming botanical exhibition.

How will the ticket booth know if its female guests are, um, experienced?

According to a tourism official quoted by Global Times, they're going with the honor system.

"We are simply trusting in their honesty," the official said.