Should kidnapped girl go home?


Many Guatemalan mothers say their children were snatched away, only to be put up for adoption in the U.S.



A little six-year-old girl has been caught up in an international adoption case.

Her mother claims the girl was kidnapped near their home in Guatemala several years ago, according to an interview she gave the Guardian.

After the woman and her husband searched all over town, a local human-rights group finally found the girl on a roster of children available for adoption in the U.S.

They were too late to intervene. The child had already been legally adopted by a couple from Kansas City, Mo.

Guatemala has had a history of alleged kidnappings-turned-adoptions, though the government has since worked to put a more secure system in place to curb the practice.

The girl, who was originally named Anyeli Liseth Hernandez Rodriguez, was only a year old when she was snatched.

She’s six now, and has only known her American parents, who named her Karen Abigal Monahan. 

The birth mother just wants her daughter back.

The adoptive parents say it would be too traumatic to send her back to Guatemala, and that she’d be better off in the U.S. with her new family. 

They’re willing to fight to keep her.

Either way, it seems like a sad ending’s in store.