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Actress Daryl Hannah arrested at White House protest

The actress Daryl Hannah was arrested on Tuesday during a protest in front of the White House.

Hannah and around 100 other people were sitting on the sidewalk in front of the White House to protest a proposed Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline, and were arrested after repeatedly refusing requests to move, a violation of White House demonstration rules.

“We want to be free from our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels," Hannah told ABC just before her arrest. "If Obama approves of this Keystone XL pipeline… it would be a disaster. These pipelines, it’s not ‘if’ it’s going to spill, it’s ‘when’ it’s going to spill. We cannot risk these precious resources and we cannot shackle ourselves to this type of destructive energy future when we have solutions available to us. We have American-made, American-grown, clean safe energy.”

On Friday, the State Department issued its final environmental impact statement on the proposed pipeline, known as the Keystone XL pipeline, which found that the project would have "limited adverse environmental impacts." The State Department now has 90 days to review the project and determine if it is in the "national interest." President Barack Obama will ultimately make the final decision.

Activists have been having regular sit-ins in front of the White House to protest the project. According to The New York Times, critics of the plan say that "extracting the oil would have a devastating impact on the climate and that a leak or rupture in the 36-inch-diameter pipeline could wreak ecological disaster."

The issue looms as a potential rift between the Obama administration and environmental activists, something Hannah hinted at on Tuesday.

“There are some powerful forces that want things to continue… to go their way and they’re the ones that have the loudest voices,” Hannah told ABC. “If [President Obama] doesn’t do right by the American citizens, he will not be back in this office again.”

Hannah, known for her roles in "Wall Street" and "Kill Bill," has been arrested several times before in the name of environmental issues.