Fed up in Mexico


The sign says: "I had a country."


Alfredo Estrella

Is this Mexico’s final straw?

Hundreds of people gathered Sunday in Monterrey to demand answers after the attack last week that left 52 people dead.

GlobalPost in Mexico: Arson attack on casino 

The people shouted in the streets, demanding the resignation of the mayor and the state governor. 

Mexicans have protested before, demanding an end to mass graves and kidnappings amid the drug violence. In the past, little has changed.

This time, though, it seems like the people's anger may have helped bring about some results.

Mexican police now say that they have arrested five men in connection with the attack. Police believe the men are part of the powerful Zetas cartel.

It's hard to remember the last time there was real accountability for mass murder here.But this attack, considered to be one of the most heinous in the drug war, was particularly shocking because the victims didn’t appear to have any connection to the drug violence. Most of the people killed were middle-aged women and their friends enjoying a night out.

It's not clear why they were killed, other than perhaps to stoke fears — already pretty embedded, frankly — that anyone could become the cartels' next victims. Officials said on Monday that it was possible that the casino had not paid sufficient protection money to the cartel.

The government seemed chastened by this most recent massacre. President Felipe Calderon visited the site of the attack with his wife, and has made a public address promising justice. More troops were deployed to Monterrey and the streets, at least for now, seem a little more secure.