Ortega (far left) standing with his man, Gaddafi
Credit: Mahmud Turkia

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi still has a few friends left in Latin America.

We know that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s charismatic president, supports him because he can't stop talking about it. 

With the Libyan rebels firing celebration guns in Tripoli, Chavez came out with a second statement that said he refused to acknowledge any government in Libya but that of his friend. "Without a doubt, we're facing imperal madness," Chavez said in his televised address, according to the Associated Press.

And now, Nicaragua has chimed in. 

President Daniel Ortega has been a longtime ally of Gaddafi. In February, he said he called the Libyan leader to offer support amid the popular uprising. No word on whether he's made any calls lately. But an Ortega adviser said that his government would be glad to welcome Gaddafi to the Central American nation—that is, if he could make it. 

“I do not know how Gaddafi could get here from Libya,” the adviser, Bayardo Arce, is quoted as telling the Associated Press. “We do not have an embassy in Libya.” But Arce said Nicaragua would be glad to consider an asylum request for the leader, if he happened to get in touch from wherever he’s hiding. 

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