Muammar Gaddafi hasn't been seen in public for months and certainly not since the rebels stormed his compound in Tripoli. But he did issue an audio message on Tuesday vowing "martyrdom or victory". Gaddafi has often communicated via broadcasts since the rebellion against him began. Harry Bone has monitored most of them from his post at BBC Monitoring's Middle East desk in Britain. These are some comments sent to BBC Arabic on Wednesday. They were translated from Arabic: "Stability is distant as long as Gaddafi's forces are using heavy artillery. As for the transitional council, their only aim is to topple Gaddafi and afterwards they'll fight over the spoils — provided NATO leaves something to fight over. Congratulations for a new Iraq." Zohdi — Facebook "It is possible that the transitional council will see cracks and divisions because it does not represent all tribes. This may lead to militias driven by loyalties to tribe and/or party and it will be orchestrated by players within the new Libya political elite." Kareem Kamal — Facebook "Seeing Sief Alaslam waving like a victor reminds me of Saddam and his spokesman. It is a close replica with mild variations but the result is clear: the toppling of Gaddafi's regime and its demise. It won't be long before this happens because the battle will be settled with the revolutionaries winning." Taleb — Facebook "The age of Gaddafi is finished. The time of Gaddafi is finished. Now is the time for tribal fighting followed by the fight to claim the different governmental posts — in the meantime NATO is picking up the tab for this long struggle." Ashraf Omar — Facebook "The Gaddafi family maintains considerable support in addition to access to his infinite wealth." Sayyed — Egypt "I think Gaddafi will never be defeated and NATO forces will be obliterated in the desert. The government's spokesman laughed when asked about the detention of Saif al-Islam and within hours Saif al-Islam was on our screens." Son of Gaddafi — Tripoli "It is inevitable that Gaddafi is gone forever." Saleh — Benghazi "The opposition is hasty and the whole scene reminds me of Saddam's last days before Baghdad was captured." Tarek — Beirut "Congratulations to the desert lions for overcoming the might of this lunatic. My only reservation is that they will deprive the world of a comic genius and a first-class clown." Ali — USA "I sympathize with Libyans because we suffered a lot under Saddam and upon his demise many Arabs rued the loss of this 'great' man. The same is being said with regards to Gaddafi and this must enrage Libyans." Abbas — Iraq

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