Can't wrap your head around the Horn of Africa food crisis? Tens of thousands of people have already died in Somalia and an estimated 13 million people have been affected. Somali refugees are entering Ethiopia and Kenya by the thousands.  

According to UNICEF, the famine is spreading.  This map by the World Food Programme and Development Seed gives a jarring perspective of the crisis.  




Not sure what you can do to help? GlobalPost's Andrew Meldrum breaks it down

About the Data: This map features operational data collected from organizations responding to the humanitarian emergency in Horn of Africa. The featured data was provided by the Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET) and the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit-Somalia (FSNAU). Population affected numbers are calculated by the FSNAU according to the urban and rural population estimates and the food security status of that region. Food Security Conditions layer data was provided by FEWS NET. Food security is classified in five IPC phases, with famine being the most severe.

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