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Artist Community on the Saint Lawrence

For the Geo Quiz, we're on a boat ride up the Saint Lawrence River. It connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The river flows out of Lake Ontario and runs about 800 miles northeast to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Canada. Along the way, there are lakes and islands, and some big cities as well.

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We want to know the name of the largest city on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. It's a bilingual city, founded in 1642. It's original name was "Ville-Marie." One neighborhood in this city is known as "Mile End." It's home to a vibrant artist community.

The answer is Montreal, Canada. The city in Quebec is seeing a trend many US cities wish they were seeing: rising real estate prices. It's a mixed blessing, though. Some parts of the city are going from affordable to pricey. That's a problem for many artists in the Mile End neighborhood as Julia Scott reports.