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More than 50 rockets from Gaza pound Israel

More than 55 rockets have been fired from Gaza into southern region of Israel since hostilities between Hamas and Israel renewed this week.

One man died Saturday from injuries sustained when a rocket fired from Gaza exploded in Beersheba. The attack was one in a wider barrage of rockets, with locals reporting hearing at least 11 explosions, the Jerusalem Post reported.

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"After two days in which eight Israelis were killed in terror attacks and the south of the country found itself under the barrage of more than 20 missiles, the Israel Air Force retaliated with a series of air strikes against Gaza, killing at least two leaders of the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committee."

Gaza residents said three compounds controlled by the Hamas group that rules the enclave were hit.

Five of those killed were members of the Popular Resistance Committees, while the sixth was a young boy. Medical officials said that 17 others had been wounded, Al Jazeera reported.

The PRC confirmed to the AFP news agency that its leader had been killed, vowing that it would take revenge "against everything and everyone". The PRC spokesman also denied that the group was involved in the attacks on Thursday.

The Israeli military said that at least ten rockets had been fired from Gaza into southern Israel after the aerial bombing of Rafah. It said that two rockets fired at the city of Ashdod "caused damage and injuries at a synagogue and school", according to a statement.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel in protest over a cross-border shooting incident on Thursday that left five Egyptian security personnel dead, Al Jazeera reported.

The cabinet has also summoned the Israeli ambassador in Cairo to provide answers on how an Israeli helicopter apparently accidentally killed Egyptian border police while chasing armed men whom Israel suspected of being connected to an attack near the port city of Eilat earlier that day.

Hundreds of protesters attacked barriers outside Israeli embassy in Cairo through the night, demanding that Israel's ambassador be expelled