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For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a place in Africa whose name translates to "the city of cool waters." It is now the largest city in East Africa, but used to be a swamp once. The British developed it as a supply depot for Uganda Railways. The city is also a major center for culture and music especially, hip-hop. It is no surprise then that the city is planning to host a major concert at the end of the year to raise money to fight famine.

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Nairobi, capital of Kenya, is the answer to the Geo Quiz. A major concert is planned for the end of the year to fight famine and to pressure African governments to do the same. The performers will include some of Africa's top musicians. The name of the organization behind the event says it all — "Act 4 Africa." One of the headliners at the concert is singer-songwriter Sara Mitaru. She is helping to put together this benefit concert. She says the idea came from her producer David Muthami.