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Syrian activists mock Hezbollah leader


New Youtube video by Syrian activists makes fun of Hezbollah's leader

Syrian activists mock Hassan Nasrallah in a new video on YouTube for what they say are the double standards of the leader of the Shia resistance movement Hezbollah.

In the video, part of an online series called "Even a Goat can Fly," a masked woman is seen standing with the slogan "Free Syria" displayed behind her. Israel’s ynetnews reports she is presented as someone who was "deployed in Syria by external enemies," as she begins to poke fun at the Hezbollah leader.

"Since the beginning of the Syrian upheaval, the position of the honorable Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has been clear: He is against the Syrian revolution," the presenter says. "He supported the Egyptian upheaval, the Libyan upheaval, Tunisia, Yemen and of course – the upheaval in Bahrain [where the Shiite majority revolted against the Sunni regime], but here he was against it. Why? Why, you "Sheikh of resistance?"

In the video parts of Nasrallah's speeches are presented in which he explained why he backs the Syrian regime on the one hand, but also supported the protesters in Bahrain.

"From all of the 'ring countries' [countries surrounding Israel] there is only one regime that supports the opposition – and that's the Syrian regime," says Nasrallah in the clip.

In reply the presenter says: "This is the same opposition which sent our youth to the Golan Heights without weapons while his [Assad's] weapons were put to use in Daraa."

For more on the controversy surrounding sending Palestinians and other protestors to the Golan Heights read GlobalPost’s ‘Palestinians turn against Syria's regime’

Nasrallah continues to show support for the Bahrain rallies. "People were participating in non-violent protests. Hundreds were killed and injured. Hundreds were arrested," he said in another speech.

"Wow, you've seen hundreds being killed in Bahrain, but no one killed in Syria? We've reached 2,000 already," mocked the presenter. "Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, the blood of the deprived is dear to us, whether they are Sunni or Shiites."

'Follow blood trail'

In the video, the Hezbollah leader asks: "Where are the Syrian people?" and the presenter answers: "You know what? Take a plane and come to Halab . From there continue to the city of Halab [Aleppo]… There you'll find a minority of 500,000 people. If you want to, continue to Homs, Daraa and Jisr ash-Shugur. If you're lost – follow the blood trail."

"Because you love him so much, take Bashar Assad, his family, Rami Makhlouf [Assad's billionaire first cousin], the regime bullies and the people's council – take them all as a present from the Syrian people. But one important note: All goods leaving Syria cannot return," the presenter concludes.