Dalai Lama: go reincarnate Mao and leave us alone


Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama gestures as he speaks during a students gathering at the Mumbai University in Mumbai on February 18, 2011.


Punit Paranjpe

At a speech in France, the Dalai Lama offered some advice to China, where officials insist he reincarnate instead of appointing a successor.

"If Chinese government believe in rebirth and religion, then they should start it from the reincarnation of Mao and Deng Xioping's reincarnation," said the 76-year-old spiritual leader, according to Tibetan exile media outlet Phayul.

Why does secular China demand that the Dalai Lama reincarnate?

Because they could claim his soul had arisen in their own Dalai Lama, sanctioned and approved by the communist government.

Their Dalai Lama would, of course, not push for Tibetan autonomy like the current one.

The current Dalai Lama has suggested he'll break tradition and have his successor appointed instead, even though China says that's bogus. Tibetan Buddhists leaders will meet in Canada this September to discuss the issue further.

"Today, Chinese government considers religion as a poison and they consider me as a demon," the Dalai Lama told the crowd in France, according to Phayul.

"So, I would be a demon reincarnation. This is nonsense."