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Couple splits, guy wants $400k in court


The wealthy ex-boyfriend of Singaporean Caroline Tong says he spent $400,000 on her during their relationship. Now that it's off, he's seeking a refund in court.

Man meets woman.

Man hooks her up with nearly $400,000 in spa treatments, Apple products, payments towards a Mercedes and production costs for two Chinese-language karaoke video discs.

Man thinks they're getting hitched but the affair fizzles.

Can he get a refund?

In what Singapore's Straits Times calls a "test case" for the island nation's courts, a wealthy accountant in his 60s is trying to do just that. After this three-year relationship with real estate agent and aspiring singer Caroline Tong ended, he asked for a refund.

According to the Straits Times, widower Chan Kok Sang claims he gave her $79,000 on the karaoke vids, $34,000 in watches and $21,000 in Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Gucci products. The rest of his claimed expenditures can be seen at the Straits Times site.

Her take? All those gifts were "unconditional presents" that she's free to keep.