Lionel Messi: snubbed by a video game?


Argentine forward Lionel Messi reacts during the Copa America quarterfinal match against Uruguay, on July 16, 2011.


Eitan Abramovich

"Don't cry for me," read the headline in the Mexican sports daily Estadio, with a photo of distraught Argentine star Lionel Messi on the ground. The Republic went with "Under shock" and the Corriere della Sera with "Nightmare Argentina."

Argentina had fallen to Uruguay in the quarterfinals of the Copa America soccer tournament. It had once again failed in international competition despite boasting the best player in the world.

Some say Messi could even be the best player ever. He's spectacularly elusive, his ball skills are second to none and he's still just a kid.

But until Argentina wins a World Cup, Messi won't be able to silence the naysayers, who wonder why he performs better with his club team than with the Argentine national team.

And now EA Sports will bring those doubts to the video game arena with the newest edition of the FIFA video game.

While the virtual Messi has a near-perfect ability score of 98 when playing for his club team Barcelona, he'll only have a score of 76 on the Argentine team, reports El Comercio.

"It's a way of trying to make the game more real" said an official from EA Sports, according to El Comercio.

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