For the Geo Quiz, we're looking for a location that has an unusual quality. We want to find a place that's attractive to zombies. Now, before you start wondering where in the world the undead would flock, we'll tell you that we're talking about a filming location for a new Brad Pitt movie called World War Z. The action is set in Philadelphia, PA, but that's not where they're filming for the next couple of weeks. The city we're looking for isn't in the United States. It's in the United Kingdom. This city has the third largest population in Britain. It also has wide roads and is laid out on a grid pattern — one of the reasons it was chosen to double for Philadelphia. One more clue: this city is in Scotland. And the answer is Glasgow! Lisa Mullins talks with Liam Finn, who works in a restaurant in Glasgow, where some of the streets are now being transformed into Philadelphia for the zombie flick.
  • 'Philly cab' on World War Z set (Photo: @glasgowcc)

  • Cochrane Street (Photo: @glasgowcc)

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