Norway killer may have filmed massacre

Police are looking for a camera that Norwegian terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik may have used to film his massacre of 69 people on Utoya island.

Oslo police lawyer Christian Hatlo said Breivik, 32, had referred to filming the 72-hour shooting spree at a youth camp on July 22 after he detonated a bomb outside government buildings in Oslo killing eight people.

'We have information from his manifesto and from earlier interrogations indicating that he did have a camera,' Mr Hatlo said, the Daily Mail reports.

'We are looking for his camera but have not found anything so far,' he said.

Police believe the camera may still be on Utoya and are scouring the island for it and other evidence, it reports.

Hundreds of computers, cameras, phones and other items have already been found, but with more than 600 people on the island at the time of the shooting, police have a huge amount of material to trawl through.

Breivik had discussed filming the attacks in his manifesto, claiming he would send the footage to up to a dozen newsrooms in the hope some would publish the it.

Meanwhile, Norwegian pop group A-ha - know for its hit Take On Me - has announced it will reform for a memorial concert.

It will perform on August 21, a national day of mourning for the 77 people killed in last month's attacks, AFP reports.

"On 22 July, we, like everyone else in Norway and the rest of the world, were shaken to the soul by these actions of cruelty and violent provocation against everything we stand for," the group wrote on their official webpage.

"We are grateful to be asked to participate in the memorial ceremony. We do this to honor those who have been torn away, to show appreciation to everyone who made an effort to help on July 22," they added.

They will perform alongside other Norwegian stars during a ceremony in the large Oslo Spectrum concert hall.