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Bomb in Beirut kills two


A blast in a northern suburb of Beirut, the Lebanese capital, has killed at least two people

The Lebanese Daily Star reports “the explosion occurred in a parking lot near Esso gas station on the inner Antelias road, in the Metn province, at 11.30 a.m. local time.

The two men who died in the explosion had been in possession of the explosive device at the time of its detonation.

Explosives experts said one of the men, Ihsan Ali Dia, had been in a crouching position at the time of the blast. His left leg and right arm were severed in the blast and he later died of his wounds at hospital.

The second man, Hassan Nayef Nassar, suffered a heart attack at the scene and also died later in hospital.

Pierre Nohra, a bystander who had been leaving the parking lot as the explosion went off, suffered minor wounds, security sources said.

A car registered to Judge Albert Serhal – judicial license plate number 29592 – had been in the parking lot where the blast took place, security sources said.”

Recently tensions have grown in connection to the uprising in neighbouring Syria.

Investigations into the bomb plot are ongoing.